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TREE is going to ask you to GET PERSONAL opposing vouchers by making a phone call. 

It is important our House of Representatives hear directly from parents and public school advocates. We need them to understand we are real Tennesseans that do not want private school vouchers.



 If you cannot call – EMAIL SAMPLE:
My name is {NAME} and I am a constituent of yours,{a public school parent}, and I am opposed to school vouchers. Study after study shows no increase in academic performance for the children who use vouchers.  The loss of student funding in already underfunded schools is detrimental to the children who don’t use vouchers. In addition, I’m concerned about the way this program will undoubtedly expand in the coming years, affecting local budgets right here at home and across the state. I hope you will join me in supporting our local schools by voting against vouchers.
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TREE appreciates your time and effort to keep our public schools strong. Thank you for your help.
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