First Day at Boarding SchoolPart 2

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First Day at Boarding SchoolPart 2

Author: Powerone
Title: First Day at Boarding School
Part: Part 2
Note : This story is completely fictional. This is just erotic fantasies - nothing more. Never do same things in real live!!!
Summary: Rebecca is tricked into a boarding school where she is forced to become a submissive. She is stripped naked, forced to cum, spanked and than raped anally, again having an orgasm. 
Keywords: M+f, nc, anal, oral, reluc, humil

Part 2-The First Morning

Rebecca left the Headmasters office her ass, inside and out, hurting. She did not understand what just happened. First, she was stripped naked, humiliated. Then he masturbated her while she stood there, fingers in her pussy and asshole, making her cum. Then her legs were bound to the chair, her ass up and open as she was spanked and then ass fucked. To make it even worse, he had made her cum with his cock hurting her tiny asshole. She went to her new room and took a shower and climbed into bed, curling up into the fetal position, trying to put this day out of her mind. Her asshole still stung from the brutal he had given her. She never even knew people would want to do things like that.

The knock on the door woke her. She sat up, unsure of where she was and what had happened. A knock again. "Yes, what is it?

"Report to the gym in one hour. You will see the PE instructor for orientation. The Headmaster said not to be late or you will suffer the consequences," the voice told her.

"OK, I will be there." Rebecca got up and yesterday began to come back to her. Her asshole was still sore, as was her ass cheeks. She looked in the mirror, her ass cheeks still red from the spanking. She spread her ass cheeks and looked at her asshole. It was red and swollen, a testament that last night really did happen. I have to figure out how to get out of here. I am just going to have to go along until I can figure out how to get news to Mom. There is got to be a way. I just have to stay away from the Headmaster. I cannot survive another day like yesterday.

Rebecca looked into the closet for some clothes. The selection was limited. White button down blouses and plaid skirts. She looked in the drawer and found bras and panties, all her size. The bras were very silky and thin. The panties were all thongs. All were colored black. She looked around for socks, but there was none. In another drawer she found nylons. Not panty hose, but genuine nylons. And a garter belt to hold them up. Shoes were three-inch heels. 

She looked at the paper on the mirror. 

New Student Orientation

All new students must attend for the first two days. Each instructor will have 4 hours with the new student to acclimate the student into their new life at the school and also evaluate the individual talents of the student. The students should attend these orientation sessions in the standard school attire of blouse, skirt, bra, panties, nylons, garter belt and heels. 

The following is the schedule:

Day 1 8:00 to 12:00 Physical Education
Day 1 1:00 to 5:00 Sex Education
Day 2 8:00 to 12:00 Art
Day 2 1:00 to 5:00 Dance
Day 3 8:00 to 12:00 Complete Physical Examination

Breakfast from 7:00 to 8:00
Lunch will be from 12:00 to 1:00
Dinner from 5:00 to 6:00

The student will have a progress meeting with the Headmaster at 7:00 PM each night. Students will be informed of the attire for the progress meetings each day.

Students disobeying any of the school rules will be given demerits. Spankings will be given out according to the following accumulation of demerits.

2 demerits-Hand spanking
3 demerits-Spanking with ruler
4 demerits-Paddle spanking
5 demerits-cane

Each spanking will consist of 25 blows. The area being spanked will be under the discretion of the Headmaster. Repeated offenses will result in public spankings in front of the entire student body.

Rebecca quickly dressed, the nylons and garter belt taking longer as she was unfamiliar with them. She looked like a whore in just the underwear, an innocent schoolgirl with the blouse and skirt. She did not know what they intended to do to her in the "orientation" classes, but if they were anything like her first session with the Headmaster, she knew that she was going to be sexually abused and humiliated. I just have to put up with it until I figure out how to get real forced anal against her will out of her, she thought. Once out of here, my stepfather will wish he was never born.

First Day at Boarding School
Part 3-Pysical Education Orientation

Rebecca showed up at the gymnasium five minutes before eight. She knew that she did not want to be late. She had read the demerit list and knew that they would enjoy inflicting the punishment on her at any chance that got. Rebecca entered the gym, inside were two men. 

Coach Alan and Assistant Coach Josh were waiting for her. Coach Alan was forty-five, tall, 6 foot, 2 inches, a great build even at his age. He had taught at the school for five years now. The pay was less then he previously made, but the fringe benefits were tremendous. All the young ladies he wanted, to do with as he pleased. Assistant Coach Josh was twenty-five, 6 foot, blonde hair, blue eyes and had a surfer body, tanned and buff. Alan had known Josh from his previous alma mater and knew that even though Josh could get any woman he wanted, he liked his women to be reluctant and he liked to humiliate them. The school gave him this opportunity.

"Step this way, Rebecca. We only have four hours and we have a lot to cover." Alan motioned for Rebecca to the door at the side of the gym. The door let into the locker/work-out room. All around the room was various exercise equipment. There was a steam room, shower room, Jacuzzi's and rub down tables. "The first thing we are going to test is your muscles. Please sit on the bench of this machine so we can test your arms and upper body strength."

Rebecca sat on the narrow seat, her legs parted on each side. On each side, level with her head, were two bars hanging down, attached to a rotating mechanism they drew up the weights from the center of the machine. The bars would rotate in an arc from directly in front of her eyes, where her hands would meet, to behind her ears, when her hands would be spread apart the greatest distance. When behind her ears the maximum amount of stress and weight would be placed on her arms and chest, the weights raised up high from center. This would also push her breasts out firmly in front of her.

"Grip the handles, Rebecca and draw them out to the sides. I am going to start with 70 pounds of weight. A girl like you should easily be able to handle that. If you release the handles before I tell you to, you will receive one demerit. Do you understand, Rebecca?" Alan smiled as he looked down at Rebecca. I am going to enjoy this one.

"Yes," I have done exercises like this before, she thought. Rebecca gripped the handles and drew them to the side, the weights easily pulled from the center. That was easy, she thought.

"Very good, Rebecca, now hold that position until I tell you to let go, remember a demerit if you release it. Josh, will you assist me." 

Rebecca watched as Josh went to one side of her and Alan on the other. 

"Now stay in position, while we check your muscle tone." 

Rebecca felt each of them began to run their fingers over her arms, feeling the tension in her upper arms as she maintained the position. Their hands massaged her arms, the back of their hands occasionally rubbing along the side of her strained breasts.

"Very good, we'll now check your upper body muscle tone. You are being a good girl, continue cooperating." She felt the hands move up her arms, over her shoulders and now down her chest, slowly rubbing over her upper breasts. Her outstretched breasts strained in the position, almost begging to be touched. "You have a nice set of tits, do you know that, Rebecca? I think we are going to have to check them also. Now keep the position."

Rebecca cringed when she heard what they were going to do. It was starting again. Just like the Headmaster. Her arms began to tire. It was getting more xnxxv sunny leone video difficult to stay in the position. She felt two large hands grab her large breasts. "AAAHHH, too hard," she cried out. 

Alan grabbed her left tit. He loved the feel of young teenage breasts. So firm and resilient and he loved that they submitted to their groping. His fingers began to mold her firm flesh, Josh doing the same to her right tit. He watched her squirming on the bench, attempting to hold the position.

Rebecca felt her nipples begin to harden. No matter what they did to her she could feel her beginning to get wet. She didn't understand why. "OOOWW," fingers searching out her nipples, grabbing the delicate flesh, pulling hard.

"Grab her nipples, Josh," Alan's fingers searching out her nipples, pinching small pieces of young flesh until he found them, 'she's getting hard, the bitch likes it." Alan saw her push out her breasts further, pushing them into their hands.

Josh loved fondling Rebecca's tits. They were so firm and her nipples so hard. He couldn't wait until they had stripped her. His fingers moved down the front of her blouse and began to unbutton it, slowly, revealing her teenage flesh to their eyes. His fingers moved down until they reached the bottom, pulling the blouse out of her skirt, pushing it to the side. She now sat, blouse open, her breasts thrust out in their silky bra, straining to escape.

"Please, don't, don't make me naked," tears beginning to form in her eyes as her arms strained. She felt her blouse being opened and pulled to the side. Hands returned to her breasts, this time on her bra, the thin fabric affording little protection from the cruel fingers. Fingers sought out her nipples again, this time little in their way as they pinched cruelly on the erect flesh. She arched her back more, her arms tiring. "Please, I can't hold them open much longer."

They both smiled as they watched her strain, her tits pushed out, their hands massaging the teenage flesh. They enjoyed this, the begging, the straining, the forced stripping. It always made their cocks hard. And their victim was always available to satisfy their lust when they were ready, young pussy and asshole ready to receive their hard cocks.

"Would you like to put your arms down, Rebecca? Alan watched for her response. He saw her nod her head. "You may, but I want you to remove your blouse and your bra, can you do that, Rebecca?"

Rebecca looked into Alan's eyes and only saw his lust. She nodded again, knowing that they would have their way with her no matter what she did. She released the bars, her arms falling down, tired from the strain.

"Strip to your waist, now." Alan looked as she pulled the blouse from her arms, letting it fall to the floor.