Experimental Sleep Over

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Experimental Sleep Over

It was a Friday night like any other, Katie and Jamie decide to have a movie night at Jamie's dorm room. Katie doesn't usually like going over there when her room bokep sma pecah perawan mate is there, but Jamie has assured her that she is going out of town for the weekend.

They have just got snuggled in on the couch and started the movie and not even 5 minutes in there is a sex scene. They both look at each other and start giggling, then continue to watch the couple on screen. It's getting really steamy, and Katie notices Jamie getting a little squirmy.

"Want to try something?" Katie asks Jamie with a sly look on her face. Jamie just nods, and Katie leans in and gently kisses Jamie on the lips. She pulls back and looks Jamie in the eyes to see if she enjoyed it. Apparently she did, because she grabs Katie by the hair and pulls her in for a long deep passionate kiss. Her tongue is in Katie's mouth and she is positioning her self to lay on top of Katie.

"Wait," Katie says and Jamie looks really dissappointed, "should we pause the movie?"

Jamie just laughs and pulls Katie's tank top old waman xxxgx off, revealing a sexy, black bra. Jamie raises her eyebrows, wondering if there are matching panties, she removes Katie's shorts as well.
"Mmm, that's fucking hot baby," Jamie remarks.
"Have you been with a girl before?"

"No, but seeing you like this makes me wish I had. You have an amazing body."

"Jamie, I have liked you for awhile now," Katie blushes. Jamie doesn't respond she just shoves her tongue into Katie's mouth. Her hand is under her bra and over her panties. Katie is already moaning and grasping at Jamie's breasts. Jamie tanks her shirt and bra off, and Katie instantly goes for her nipples. Flicking them, pulling them, licking them. she can't get enough.

Jamie repositions herself so she can pull Katie's panties down. Her pussy is shaven and already soaking wet. This drives Jamie insane, she moves her head in between Katie's thighs and begins kissing them, moving slowly to Katie's moist clit. Katie is dying with anticipation, clawing at Jamie's back. Jamie finally moves her tongue into Katie's clit, licking at Katie's juices. Kissing and sucking her.

"Ohh, Jamie fuck!"
"mmmm," the vibrations from this word sent a jolt of pleasure into Katie's pussy.
"Ahhhh! Yeah, yeah, mmmm, yeah!"

Jamie slides a finger into Katie's vagina while she continues to lick her clit. She then puts another finger in and moves in as deep as she can go. Katie is moaning in pleasure, Jamie knows she's about to cum, so she takes the fingers out of her vagina and tongue fucks her moving the juices from her vagina to lubricate her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. Jamie sticks her finger in Katie's anus, and her tongue in her vagina.

"Oh fuck me! Jamie! /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard! Fuck me!" 

With that she came, and the juices flowed into Jamie's mouth.