From Japan with love

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From Japan with love

100% fiction!

I came to Japan for a vacation really. I had always wanted to go and now that I was single again it seemed the perfect time. So far I had been just the regular tourist. I saw the sites all around Kyoto and to tell you the true I was bored as hell. I never pay for sex so that was out. Now it was 9:30PM and I was wide awake. I needed to either get drunk, get in a fight or fuck my brains out!

So I got dressed in more appropriate clothes and left my suite at the Hotel Kanra Kyoto. As I headed down to the lobby I spotted my /friend/new-friend/">new friend the bellman, Sammie! His English was good and his advise even better. "Sammie my main man!" I yelled from down the hall to where he was at the elevator. "Duke you not drunk yet!" He laughed teasingly. "Last time I saw you, you drunk as hell!" He teased. "Yeah, I admit I never drank Saka before and it kicked me down a little" I added "now I am looking for some excitement or some action! Where can I go?"

"You want to see fight, I get cab to take you" he offered. "No, my first choice it /women/hot-women/">hot women!" I offered. "To late to got /women/">women, less you want working girl...I get you working girl, you want?" He offered with his shit eating grin smile. "No", I said "Maybe I will take a walk around this area here and just relax." "You be careful though, night time /bad/">bad sometimes. Ride bus is safer if you not take cab." He offered.

By then the elevator came and I headed on down to the lobby and I walked out onto the street. I just wandered around for about an hour then realized that I had made to many turns. I was lost! Just as I started to look for a cop I saw the bus coming. I waived and sure enough it stopped. The door opened and the driver said something in Japanese. I shook my head and said "Dumb ass /american/">american!" He laughed and in broken English he said "Where you go, I ride maybe?" I told him I was staying at the Hotel Kanra Kyoto. He smiled and said "I know, you ride, I take, on other end of route!"

So I got on the bus and dropped coins in the box until he waived his hand that I had enough in there. I then noticed as I turned to get a seat that all the seats were full except the bench seat in the back. "I hate riding in the back of the bus", I thought. I made my way to the back, checking everyone out as I went. I then sat down as the bus free porn movies download started to move.

There were a few nice looking women on the bus, several with men. There were a lot of elderly people on the bus too. That surprised me for some reason. I really don't know why it just did! Then there were four young men in their late teens or early twenties. My cop alarm went off when I first saw them. Even Japan has is scumbags I thought. Sitting across the isle was what looked to be a mother and her teenage /daughter/">daughter. Then four punks kept trying to talk to the /mom/">mom and daughter, or at least the daughter anyway. She kept turning her head away and her face was getting red. Shame I did not understand Japanese but I did understand the look of concern and embarrassment on the moms face.

The bus stopped and the elderly couple that had been sitting in the seat in front of the /daughter/mom-daughter/mom-and-daughter/">mom and daughter got up to get off. As everyone was moving around I lost sight of what was happening. When the isle cleared I could see that two of the punks had moved to the seat in from of the mom and her daughter. "Nothing good can come of that" I thought.

Then the boys in the seat in front turned around and started talking to the two women. One of the punks was turned so his legs were in the isle and he was reaching around the back of the seat toward the mother. The other piece of crap was reaching over the seat toward the daughter. I could see a lot of hand slapping and both women speaking which made the guys just laugh and act up more. I was sitting directly behind and I could not really see well. Since I was the only one on the bench seat I slid over to the opposite side.

Now I could see better, the punk on the isle side of the seat kept reaching his hands up the mothers dress. He was trying to push her legs apart and her dress up! The other guy was grabbing at the girls blouse. Damn, he was pulling the buttons off her blouse one at a time! I reached up to grab the handbag to pull myself up when the other two got up and moved to the door way behind the women. I then noticed that the driver was looking at me in the rear view observation mirrow and shaking his head NO! I eased back in my seat. "Maybe the driver has signaled the police" I thought.

Now the two standing up had reached over and grabbed both women's hands. The mother started to yell and the one in front of her slapped her face! I was ready to rock then, but the driver kept shaking his head NO! Now the four punks were going to town on the women. The two standing where holding the women's arms over the back of the seat with one hand and they had put their other hand over the women's mouth so you could not hear them screaming. The other two punks in the front seat were pulling and tearing the womens clothes. The mother was the first to lose her underpants as the punks let out a hoot! Then the younger 18yo women had her bra torn off.

The last straw was when the one sitting in the front, isle seat stood up and dropped his pants. He was commando with his dick already hard. The one behind the mother, moved his hand and his friend shoved his cock into her mouth. At that point I knew how Custer must have felt at the Little Big Horn. I was not going to just sit there and watch!

The four of them were so busy tearing at the women and their clothes that they never noticed me until I grabbed the two standing through their jeans and I had two hand fulls of 'family jewels'. I just gripped them tight and lifted them both off the floor! I never saw the color drain from a Japs face before. "Not unlike anyone else's I thought" as I yanked back and they both crumpled to the floor without a sound.

Then the one fucking the mothers face realized that his associate was not holding her head still. That is when he looked up at me just as I slapped the mother on the top of the head. Natural reflex is to bite down...and she did! He let out a scream, something in Japanese but I am sure it was something like "Damn she bit my dick!" Before he could say or do anything I hit him square in the nose as it flattened out. Blood was coming from his mouth and nose by the time he hit the floor.

The fourth one had full hd xvideo download already let the younger women's tits go and he was trying to grab something in his waist band. I did not wait to see what he had I just hit him hard in the solarplexis and the air escaped his lungs like a flat tire! I then hit him in the throat and that stopped any complaints at the source. Now all four were on the ground and the bus was coming to a fast stop. The mother and her daughter were pulling their clothes back over to cover their nakedness.

The bus driver was now yelling "You go now....want no trouble with Dragon Boys! You go quick!" He was not only looking at me but the two women too. They grabbed their stuff and headed to the rear door where I was. The mother grabbed my hand as she passed "You now!" she said. I figured Custer would have retreated if he could so why the hell not. I headed out into the cool night following a /ass/nice-ass/nice-round-ass/">nice round ass of the mother and the bare tits of her daughter. The bus then pulled off and headed fast down the road.

I stood their a second trying to figure out where the heck I was when the mother pulled my arm "You come...quick be sorry!" I was already starting to be sorry at that point. I pulled my hand lose and I took my coat off and put it around the mothers waist to cover her torn dress and bare ass.

The daughter had pulled what looked like a blue uniform jacket up and around to cover her bare breasts. The mother then grabbed my arm again..."You come now quick...they coming back with more...we all get bad hurt!" I got the idea now very clearly. They were members of a street gang and they were going to take me out and get the pussy they wanted anyway.

I followed now quickly. I did not try to figure directions I just followed the two of them down side streets, through alleys and up and down back stairs. They seemed to know the right turns because I figured we were several blocks away from where we began when we started up some back stairs and into a urine smelling hallway.

We when down to the end of the hall and then up another set of stairs. Now back down another hall until the mother stopped in from of 304C. She then fumbled for some keys and then opened the door. The daughter pushed me into the one room as the mother locked five locks on the door! It was like a fort in here.

The mother said something to the daughter in Japanese and the daughter nodded. Then the mother said "You sit safe stay!" I looked around and saw a old, beat-up couch, and a matching chair. Over in the corner were two, what looked to be bed rolls. There was a kind of dresser with a microwave and a hot plate. Then I noticed the small door and through it appeared to be a toilet and sink.

Then I noticed that the women were undressing! In no time the younger women was down to her panties, the punks had taken her bar. And the mother was down to her bra, they had taken her panties. Both of them had great figures! The mother was just a little heavier than the daughter. I had still not sat down yet when the mom looked at me and smiled "It sit...we safe now!" I was thinking "Lady I may be safe but what about you two!"

Part two to follow.