Three Girls Kneeling

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Three Girls Kneeling

At times, fact is stranger than fiction.

About a week ago, I was driving back to my office to finish up some paper work after supper. Driving along the main street and still about a block from my building, I couldn?t help notice four people walking on the sidewalk, going the same direction as myself. I slowed down to take a closer look.

There was one guy and three gorgeous young women. He was tall and slim, but appeared muscular and had long, straight dark hair reaching half way down his back. It was early January, so he was wearing a leather jacket. As I passed them and glanced back, I noticed he had a somewhat stern face and seemed to be in his late thirties.

The girls all had long blonde hair and slim, sexy figures. They looked to be in their very early twenties, if not late teens. Each girl seemed to be carrying a small, light suitcase or briefcase. The guy carried nothing.

The girl walking furthest from him and the street had straight, honey blonde hair that reached two-thirds of the way down her back. She was wearing a pair of dark-navy, 5-pocket stretch jeans that seemed so tight they showed each butt cheek perfectly. Wow! She also wore two-inch black spike heels and a tight, white sweater that barely reached her waist, and a kind of a light chain belt. Despite a bit of snow on the sidewalk, she seemed to have little difficulty walking in her heels. As she walked, I marveled at her gorgeous little ass. 

The girl immediately at the guy?s right was wearing a cheerleader?s outfit? her sweater was green and yellow with white lettering; her pleated skirt was green and yellow with white trim, and she wore white sneakers. She had /blonde/dirty-blonde/">dirty blonde hair in a pony-tail. The girl to his left wore what appeared to be a formal school uniform? a white blouse, navy blue V-neck sweater, a short red plaid, pleated skirt, white knee stockings and black wide-heeled shoes. Her hair also was in a ponytail, but was lighter in color. What was most striking about her, however, is that the back of her skirt seemed to have been purposefully tucked up under the back of her sweater, so that her white bikini panties were in full view from behind. I considered going around the block to take a second look, but the guy had given me kind of a nasty look when I?d glanced back, so I thought better of it. I turned right at the next corner and then pulled directly left into the rear parking lot of my building. I would use the rear entrance to my building to get in, as usual.

There are huge, floor to ceiling windows in the hallway at the front of my building. I quickly ran up to take a look out the second storey window to see if I could watch these three gorgeous girls pass. Sure enough, I arrived just in time to see them starting to pass by. But then they did something unexpected. They turned up the walkway towards my building?s front doors. 

My heart skipped. At this hour, all three floors of my building seemed empty, except for me. The hall lights all were off. What could these people want?

The man banged on the glass door, several times. Then I heard him swear and step back to look up into the upper windows. I don?t think he saw me, but he returned to the door and started banging again. Then I watched him and his girls turn to walk away.

Now, it must have been testosterone that made me do what I did next. I ran down the front stairs, two steps at a time, and then unlocked and opened the front door just as the /foursome/">foursome reached the sidewalk.

?Are you looking for someone?? I asked nervously.

They all turned. He spoke.

?Are you Dave?? he asked gruffly.

I shook my head.

He seemed to grunt, and then glanced around at all his girls.

?You are SURE you are not Dave?? he asked again, a look of disgust on his face.

Again I shook my head. I didn?t think any Dave worked in my building.

?Why do you want him?? I asked suddenly, not really thinking.

?He was supposed to meet us here. He SAID he would meet us here.? This guy obviously was not pleased at having been stood up. I glanced at the faces of the three girls and saw that they seemed somewhat disappointed too.

?Do you want to use my phone to call him?? I asked stupidly.

?No,? he said, showing me his cell phone. ?I don?t think the bastard would answer anyway. Come on, Girls.? They all started to turn away. But the girl in the jeans said sensuously:

?Too /bad/">bad YOU didn?t call us.?

And then it hit me.

?You?re escorts,? I blurted out naively.

The guy turned back at me, and all the girls waited.

?You?re sure you didn?t call?? he asked menacingly.

?I swear,? I answered quickly. ?But I?d like to. I mean. Are your girls? you know??

The guy smiled slyly. ?Do you want to go inside, Girls, and see what this guy wants??

They all nodded. The girls in jeans smiled and purse her lips sensuously. They all smiled.

I led them up to my office on the third floor. I flipped on the lights and held the door while they entered my waiting room. I eyed each girl?s gorgeous butt as she passed.

?So?? the guy turned to me after I?d closed the door. I still didn?t know if I was going to be robbed or stabbed or what. ?Here?s the deal? one girl for $120? all three for $200. The full package for $240.?

?What?s the ?full package??? I asked nervously. 

?It?s LOTS of fun,? the blonde in jeans said and nodded. She then glanced quickly at the other two girls who smiled and nodded. 

?You get us for a FULL hour,? the school girl said.

?You even get PICTURES if you want,? the cheerleader added.

Then the three of them looked right at me with their smiles and their gorgeous soft eyes and I melted. I wanted them all.

?I? I?ll take the package,? I stammered as I pulled out my wallet.

?Great!? he said. The he introduced them. ?This is Kelly,? he pointed at the girl in jeans. The cheerleader was Jennifer. The girl in the schoolgirl uniform was Allison. ?Do you have a bigger room than this?? he asked me.

I nodded and immediately led them through a door to a large central processing area where one wall was completely covered with a mirror. The girls pointed at it and giggled.

?Okay, Girls,? he said, pointing to a table. 

On cue, the three girls put their briefcases on the table and opened them up. It was immediately apparent what I?d just gotten myself into. Each case was filed with various restraints and gags. 

The guy stood back and let Kelly coordinate the activities. Soon, both Jennifer and Allison were on their knees with black leather cuffs around wrists and ankles and a black chain on each side connecting wrists and ankles. It was obvious that these two girls were on their knees for the duration. Mark (that was his name) had already pulled out his cock and shoved it into Jennifer?s mouth for her to suck. Dutifully, this /cute/">cute little cheerleader did so. Not wanting to be left out, I unzipped my pants and stepped up to Allison. As he and I pumped our rapidly growing dicks back and forth in our girls? mouths, Mark told me additional details about the girls. Allison was the youngest, at nineteen. Jennifer was twenty-one and in college. Kelly was twenty-five. Meanwhile, Kelly busied herself pulling things out of the various briefcases and putting them on the table? I glanced over from time to time to admire her gorgeous ass in those fantastically tight jeans.

You know how it is when girls wear jeans that are so tight, but there is like this little crease in the cloth that moves a little bit every time they move. I find that sexy. Kelly had a cute little crease that moved with her to demonstrate just how skin tight her jeans were.

After a moment, she pulled out a digital camera and started taking pictures of Jennifer and Allison at work. Each girl would stop and pose upon command, holding cock deep in her mouth (as deep as Kelly told them too) while looking straight into the camera, or peering up at her man?s face, or looking at themselves sucking cock in my big wall mirror. Mark eventually took hold of Jennifer?s head and started face fucking her, driving his cock as aggressively and as far into her throat as he could. I started to do it a bit with Allison, but I felt sorry for Jennifer, who obviously was gagging with each thrust, so I was more gentle with my girl. Kelly meanwhile wandered about the room, taking pictures of the two girls from different angles and at different distances. She flipped up both Jennifer?s and Allison?s skirts to take a few pictures of their panties. Allison?s, of course, was white cotton. Jennifer had on red nylon bikini panties that didn?t really match, but did look incredibly sexy under her green, yellow and white cheerleading skirt. God! I wanted to plow that cute little ass of hers.

I?d soon get my wish.

Mark had stepped back from Jennifer now and I followed his lead, giving Allison a breather. But, no sooner did we back off than Kelly was on her knees outfitting Jennifer with a 2-in-one penis gag. One gag? with a hard plastic penis sticking out in each direction, one into a girl?s mouth, the other outward to be used on someone else. Jenn obediently opened wide while Kelly slipped 31/2 inches of hard, black plastic cock into her mouth and strapped the gag immovably into place. Poor Jennifer looked up at me with pathetically doleful eyes, all the while gagging on the hard plastic rod in her throat. Meanwhile, Allison?s ankles were released from their bonds and she was placed flat on her back with her legs spread apart and the crotch of her panties pulled to the side. I then watched stunned as Kelly kneeled to unhitch Jennifer?s ankle bonds, then pushed Jennifer?s head down into Allison?s crotch. Kneeling with her hands still shackled behind her back, Jenny inserted the outward 4 inch penis of her two-in-one gag into Allison?s cunt and started to fuck her with hard plastic. Kelly took pictures for a moment, but soon Mark?s cock appeared and she took it into her mouth to suck it. Mark waved me over and I thought Kelly would suck me as well? but that wasn?t the plan. As soon as I drew close, Kelly stood up, put her hand on one of my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees at Mark?s feet.

I glanced up to xxx sex video download free com say? ?Wait a minute!? but no sooner had I opened my mouth than Mark?s rigid bone pushed its way inside. Kelly held my head firmly as Mark reamed MY throat with his cock. I pushed away with my hands on Mark?s thighs, but now his firm hands clasped my head and I was helpless. Deeper and deeper he thrust his cock into my mouth, soon starting to ram the back of my throat with each thrust. I gagged over and over and over and over, tears streaming down my face.

?Hmmmmmmm,? I screamed. ?Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.?

Meanwhile, Kelly was back on her knees attending to Jennifer and Allison. I couldn?t turn my head but my eyes turned to see what was happening. Kelly had released the wrist restraints and now had each girl kneeling on all fours. She then guided the outer penis of Jennifer?s penis gag into Allison?s mouth and pushed the two faces together until the four inch black cock pointing outward from Jennifer?s face had sexxxx video ful hd disappeared into the younger Allison?s mouth. As both Allsion and Jennifer gagged, Kelly strapped their heads together with a thick belt around their necks, so that there was no withdrawing or pulling back for either of them. She then bound each of Allison?s wrists to one of Jennifer?s. Then she put hand cuffs around Jennifer?s two ankles and did the same to Allison?s. The two girls squirmed but their faces were locked together, both choking on hard plastic cock and moaning continuously. Kelly pushed up each girl?s skirts to reveal their panties and then Mark stepped away from me.

I gasped for air. Clutching my neck and wiggling my jaw a bit to return the circulation, I watched as Mark kneeled behind Allison, and then plunged his cock up her ass.

?Hmmmmmmm,? she squealed helplessly.

Kelly, meanwhile had taken my arm and led me to Jennifer, where I too kneeled and fucked ass. I couldn?t believe what was happening? Mark and I ass-fucking two girls who were stuck together at the mouth.

I was so wrapped up pumping Jennifer?s ass that I didn?t notice that Mark eventually stopped his ass-reaming of Allison, had put her panties back in place for her and then had come to stand next to me. Without warning, I felt Kelly turn my head directly towards Mark?s rigid cock. Again I tried to protest, but once again my mouth was violated by this big man?s cock.