Caught in Public

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Caught in Public

This will only be a short story.

Last week I went to the /doctor/">doctor about a problem with my foot and he said that the best white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie thing to do would be to get an MRI scan on it to make sure everything is ok. When I arrived to get my MRI a woman led me into another room and told me to strip off all my clothes except my underpants to put on one of the gowns that are open at the back just like at a hospital, I did what she told me to do and took off my clothes and locked them in a locker.

I opened the curtain and walked out into the waiting room in nothing but my underpants and a thin see through gown when a woman walked through into the changing room, she was beautiful. She had tan brown skin, a tight body, tits that were a handful and a popping ass that just stuck out from her hips that would make any man lust after her and on her /feet/">feet she was wearing very dirty sandals that, for me, turned me on instantly forcing me to hide my /erection/">erection as she looked at me while walking past.

The MRI took about 25 minutes and afterwards the woman led me up to the changing room and lockers again. when I entered the room I opened the curtain again and entered the room. I walked up to the locker and put my key in the keyhole when I noticed something, of the two lockers in the room mine was locked and the other had been locked but the key was left in.

Thinking of the woman I saw earlier I unlocked the locker and what I found was like a gift from god, there laying in her locker was her bra, underpants and sandals. The different smells hit me so hard that I could feel my cock grow instantly thinking about how she went into the MRI without anything covering her privates and here I was alone with those beautiful smells.

I looked around outside and didnt see anyone around so I took a chance, I slowly undid my gown and let it fall on the floor and then did the same with my underpants. I picked up her bra and looked at the size 32C and gave it a big smell, it smelt like perfume. Next I grabbed her underpants which Im fairly sure were too small for her and gave that pussy the biggest sniff I have ever taken, it was beautiful, it was just perfect so was the smell of her /asshole/">asshole and I must have spent 10 minutes smelling those /cute/">cute little panties.

I decided that I would end with my favourite part, the feet, or in the case the sandals. I sat in the chair and decided to make the moment more kinky and more dangerous, I grabbed her bra and put it on, got her panties and wrapped them around my cock with the head of my dick where her pussy was and stroked myself and lastly grabbed her sandal with my other hand and put it to my face smelling and licking those beautiful soles imagining her tan body naked in front of me. after about 5 minutes I heard a noise but didnt have time to react and the curtain opened and there she was stark naked looking at me in shock.

She struggled with her words and said "Ill come back later" I didnt know what to stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv do but I was so close to finishing and I kept going blasting my load in her underpants. She must have been watching because she walked in after I started putting my clothes back on and looked at her underpants that were soaked on the floor.

She pulled them up and rubbed the cum all over her pussy then put on her bra, shirt, jeans and then held her feet towards me and slowly put her sandals on without drying off my spit. As she got up to leave she handed me a piece of paper with her number and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I got so lucky that I met a girl who is a fellow fetishist and Ive met her several times since then in fact Im even seeing her tonight I cant wait for what shes got in store for me!