Reject Betsy DeVos’ nomination as secretary of education.

“How do I know Betsy DeVos is an awful pick for Secretary of Education? All my friends with kids in public school think so, all my friends with kids in private school think so and all my friends that home school their kids think so. Also, all my friends working in education, from elementary to higher ed agree. I think the only person in Tennessee who thinks she is qualified is Lamar Alexander.” – Coreen Havron, Private School Parent, and TREE supporter

Call Senator Alexander. Here are his local numbers
Knoxville: 865-545-4253
Memphis: 901-544-4224
Nashville: 615-736-5129
Tri-Cities: 423-325-6240
OR FAX him! 202-228-3398

Everyone knows that Besty DeVos is a dangerous and irresponsible choice for our national Secretary of Education. Our TREE parent is right. During Tuesday night’s hearings, Ms. DeVos was unwilling to answer even the most basic questions about education policy. Watch below as she struggles to answer a question about educating children with disabilities. And she refused to commit to demanding compliance with IDEA.


Our elected officials do not understand.  They need to hear from their constituents.

From the Tennessee Journal
“Alexander, chairman of the Senate’s education committee, which has scheduled a hearing for next Tuesday, doesn’t need convincing. The senator, a former education secretary himself, predicted DeVos will be ‘swiftly confirmed.’”

Let’s Swiftly Respond!
Sen. Lamar Alexander  EMAIL

Sen. Bob Corker EMAIL

Betsy DeVos is uninformed, unqualified, and inexperienced – the WRONG choice for our children! Say No to DeVos!
Thank you for supporting and defending public education.